Insurance Services

We are here to help parents understand and navigate the insurance process.

An effective approach to helping children with diverse abilities and autism thrive. ABA is the only therapy currently approved by health insurance providers.

Peach Tree believes ABA should be available to everyone in need.


1. Intake

Reach out to our intake department to obtain an application, and submit all requested patient information including the doctor’s diagnosis and your child’s insurance card.


2. Authorization

We will contact your insurance company to determine if you have coverage for ABA services. Once we receive approval, a BCBA will be assigned to your case.


3. Assessment

Your BCBA conducts an in-depth assessment of your child to determine their needs and submits a plan of care to your insurance carrier.


4. Approval

Peach Tree will work with your insurance carrier through the authorization process. 


5. Therapy

Upon approval, your BCBA will develop a specialized treatment plan to be implemented by the ABA team. The BCBA will also provide family training and support to achieve the best outcomes for your child.

Questions? We are here to help.