About Us

We understand — from the moment we first discover our child has a disability, everything in our world changes.

Our Story

Peach Tree was founded by a parent of a child with autism spectrum disorder. Motivated by her firsthand experiences, she created a therapy center to meet the needs and provide a supportive community for Montana children and families like hers.

Our Approach

Through behavioral, occupational, and speech therapy, our highly-trained staff focuses on meeting the individual needs of families with diverse needs supporting both clinical and community integration.

We also help families navigate the journey successfully, sharing their struggles and their triumphs. Everyone that comes to Peach Tree becomes our extended family.

What We Believe

The milestones of childhood development look different for children of diverse abilities, but they are just as meaningful. We respect and value each child’s unique identity, and we help them find success through their own passions and strengths.

Our Vision

A world in which every individual is empowered — by compassion, support and understanding — to learn, grow and thrive.

Peach Tree’s Core Values


Our founder is the mother of a child with autism, and that firsthand experience drives what we do. We are personally invested in both the process and the outcome of each child’s therapy. We don’t just care about the child’s success; we care about their full wellbeing. Our work is more than just a job — it’s our purpose.


We practice effective therapies backed by empirically validated science — parents and other organizations alike trust Peach Tree to make a positive difference in the life of each child. Our highly-trained team of specialists draws from the latest research and methods to ensure every treatment, and every action, is conducted with a true depth of understanding and expertise. We always do what is best for the child — no matter what.


The unique, team-based wraparound care we offer ensures the child’s full health and wellbeing are accounted for throughout the therapy process. In practice, and in philosophy, a truly collaborative approach delivers successful results for our clients.


All Montana families with children with special needs deserve access to effective, caring therapies and real support — regardless of income, location, or situation. We work with insurance providers, doctors, and communities to increase access to care across the state, ensuring that all children who need treatment can receive it.

Through our words and actions, we communicate to each child the incredible value of their life.